A few words about us

Resources Access Limited (RAL) is a road construction company established in Ghana in 2006. To date the company has undertaken the construction and rehabilitation of roads throughout the country, notably, in the Eastern, Brong Ahafo, Greater Accra and Volta Regions.

The company has risen from Ministry of Roads and High-ways Financial Class A3B3 in 2006 to A1B1 in 2013 which is a testament to the company’s growth and its ability to handle large and complex projects.


The company employs highly experienced and skilled personnel and state-of-art know-how in nearly every field of road construction, rehabilitation and maintenance. This results in quality works and timely execution of projects, as our company continuously strives for excellence.

Providing quality services

The vision of Resources Access Limited (RAL) is to become the top most leading provider of construction management services by offering innovative, economical, safe and reliable construction solutions in Ghana and the world at large.

Safety & Better Performance

Safety is a priority for Resources Access Limited (RAL). In order to prevent an incident from occurring, a functional safety culture must be in place. This culture is established through ongoing education, hazard assessment, and reiteration of company safety policies.

Resources Access Limited (RAL) employees are educated in preventative safety measures and hazard identification. Employees are given a detailed orientation prior to commencing work, educated in company policy, and are encouraged to speak their minds when it comes to safety initiatives

A great safety culture is achieved through transparency and team work. Employees are educated on a management level to understand how incidents happen; contributing factors and corrective actions. Resources Access Limited (RAL) management takes a personal interest in the safety and wellbeing of all personnel within our organization.

All employees are required to wear appropriate protective equipment when on a job site. Protective equipment is an individual’s last line of defense when it comes to workplace hazards. Helmets and high visibility vests are mandatory on all Resources Access Limited (RAL) job sites. RAL employees are expected to practice due diligence, not only by recognizing hazards, but by doing everything practicable to minimize the hazard including wearing the proper protective equipment to suit the scope of work.

Integrity, quality, and reliability

Resources Access Limited (RAL) operates with very strict principles and values that lie in the hearts of the people in our organization.

We believe that these guiding principles help to ensure the suc-cess of our company and uphold our integrity in the market-place. Our values and beliefs are held in common by all Resources Access Limited (RAL) employees at every level, who work all over the country and form the fabric of our organization. At least six basic values are held in common by all Resources Access Limited (RAL) employees at every level, who form part of the fabric of local communities:


Each employee should show initiative and be motivated by a desire to win, to commit and to succeed.


Each individual is fully accountable for his or her decisions and actions.


Relations within the company are based on trust, which is the cornerstone of autonomy, frankness and authenticity. It is for each person to establish and develop his or her trustworthiness.


Respect is the basic rule of behavior that guides every employee in all his or her actions: respect for oneself and respect for other employees, customers, third parties, the trade unions, society at large, the Group’s principles, laws and regulations, the environment, fairness and ethics in the broadest sense.

Setting an example

Each day, every employee is expected to give the best of themselves, to strive constantly for quality and to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism.


Through continual self-questioning and by maintaining a hum-ble attitude, each employee is always able to advance.

Modern Technology

Our team uses the latest technologies to design high-quality civil objects.

Smart Equipments

We use modern & powerful equipment to create efficient and reliable infrastructure.

Quality Materials

High-quality materials are the absolute guarantee of building dependable roads.

Our team

Our history

Establishment of Civil Group & first successful projects

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Partnering with national construction companies

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First governmental projects and engineering solutions awards

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Celebrating 25 years of Civil Group’s success

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